Do You Interest The Hellvape Drop Dead RDA And Wismec Reuleaux RX300?

Today let's see a review about Hellvape Drop Dead RDA and Wismec Reuleaux RX300 Box MOD, and you can purchase them at vape online shop Vapesourcing.

The Hellvape drop dead rda was designed by Heathen, The Vapor Chronicles (TVC) and Hellvape. It has a diameter of 24 mm and has four large post holes for simple construction of single and double coils. If space is larger, you can install the coil in more ways.

Hellvape Drop Dead RDA

With an innovative downward sloping airflow design, the drop dead rda lets you find 14 airflow holes in two rows for an extremely smooth and delicious mist. Suitable for general and BF/squonk style sprays. Improvements in airflow and physical composition have made this better than the previous dead rabbit RDA. Most importantly, the building platform has been redesigned and inspired by the Digiflavor Drop RDA.

You can accurately adjust the airflow to the most compact state, or the widest airflow, so it is a great choice for DIY enthusiasts. It is equipped with deep juice and includes standard positive needles and raised BF squonk 510 needles. Pre-filled with a colored resin dripper and another black 810 drippers that can be replaced.

In addition, we recommend a very famous mod-Wismec Reuleaux RX300 Box MOD from Wismec.

Based on other products in the range and all the high-quality equipment from Wismec, the Reuleaux wismec 300 is made from the highest quality materials. Wismec and JayBo have done a great job designing the RX300 MOD. This amazing piece of equipment is both a work of art and a competitive level. MOD's exquisite curves and stylish details provide an aesthetically pleasing device that is simply amazing.

Wismec has designed several variants of the Reuleaux RX300 box mod, including black and silver, combined with carbon fiber detail to provide a truly unique and elegant look. Wismec also pays special attention to the ergonomic design of the RX300 to ensure comfortable operation throughout the day.

Wismec Reuleaux RX300

The Wismec Reuleaux RX300 Box MOD is equipped with cutting-edge microchips that offer a wide range of significant features. One of the great features this device offers is its variable power capacity. By using the operation buttons located directly below the OLED screen on the surface of the RX300, you can accurately change the output power of the MOD from a low voltage of 1W to a maximum of 300W.

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Smok Mag P3 Review: New SMOK Mag Vape Starter Kit

The SMOK MAG P3 230W continues the classic MAG series, adding even more amazing features such as waterproof, dust and dustproof earthquakes. The MAG series has long been loved by many vape fans, so the MAG P3 came out. The Smok Mag P3 continues with some of the salient features of the Mag series, such as the shape of the grip, the delicate fire key, and outstanding performance. For the highlights, it features a beautifully textured carbon fiber panel construction that embodies a high level of craftsmanship. The USB port with protective rubber plug is innovatively designed on the rear panel.

It includes a powerful MAG P3 mod and an extraordinary 9 ml TFV16 tank, preloaded with a new TFV16 cone 0.2-o coil powered by nexMesh technology. Powered by an external dual 18650 battery and the Smart IQ-M chipset, the MAG P3 can be launched to a maximum output of 230W with a 0.001-second flash firing speed.

The Smok vape kit Mag P3 features a super-responsive 1.9-inch HD touch screen that provides useful data for easy operation. It also comes with an input keyboard that provides password protection to unlock the device.

Smok mag P3 includes:
One SMOK TFV16 tank (9ml)
One SMOK TFV16 tapered mesh 0.2Ω coil (pre-installed)
One SMOK TFV16 double mesh 0.12Ω coil
One bulb glass protective silicone case
One glass tube replacement
One USB cable
One user manual
spare parts

SMOK MAG P3 review

Features of SMOK MAG P3:

The MAG p3 features a newly designed 1.9-inch high-response touch screen that can be easily accessed with a simple touch. The upgraded UI provides clearer, more detailed vaping information.

The MAG P3 is IP67 rated and can withstand water immersion between 15cm and 1m for 30 minutes. It is also dust-proof (IP67) and shock-proof to prevent dust from entering and accidentally falling.

The UI of the SMOK MAG P3 on the touch screen is similar to the SMOK MORPH. It has a similar appearance to the Mag Grip kit and has the perfect grip. Unlike the previous two models, the MAG P3 KIT adds a new three-proof feature. Make it more practical and durable.



Powered by an advanced IQ-M chipset, the MAG P3 offers a new user interface and user experience. With a 32-bit processor, it can deliver up to 230 watts of power and delivers flash speeds of up to 0.001 seconds, giving users peace of mind. The MAG P3 is safer, faster and more stable.

In the style of the MAG series, the MAG P3 still uses a delicate small fire key, such as a gun trigger, so you can easily press the trigger button. Most importantly, the key surface is very smooth and feels comfortable when your fingertips touch and press the button.

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Best Rebuildable Vape Pod: Smoant Pasito And Mechlyfe Ratel

best pod vape has become very popular in many vapers around the world because they are portable, reasonably priced, easy to use, and the best way to evaporate liquids with high nicotine. You can find almost any type of pod vapes now. Here are two best rebuildable Pod systems:

1. Smoant Pasito Pod Kit

The Smoant Pasito Pod Pack is a first pod system with an optional RBA (Repairable Deck) section. This beautiful pod is made of space aluminum, featuring the popular Lost Vape Orion design and a resin panel with CPR technology.

The rebuildable deck is extra and you have to buy it separately, but it only costs $6. For those who have always wanted to make their own coils on the pod mod, this single-coil rebuildable platform is a great compliment. However, the Pasito pod mod is also compatible with two prefabricated coils for MTL and DTL.

The Smoant Pasito Pod Kit has five sides LED light indicators located in the panel that provides information about battery life and power level. There are 5 output levels (10W / 13W / 16W / 20W / 25W) to choose from. The LED light changes from green to red, so you know the battery level.


Smoant Pasito Pod Kit

Powered by a built-in 1100 mAh battery, this pod vape uses an ANT chip to provide a constant output even when the battery is low. The pod system has a Type-C USB port to ensure fast charging so that the large battery capacity is not enough to keep you vaping all day long!

All in all, the Pasito Pod kit offers you three options: a replaceable mesh coil reading of 0.6 ohms for direct inhalation, a mouth-to-lung Ni80 coil reading of 1.4 ohms, and an RBA coil for single-coil construction. If you are looking for a premium pod system with excellent battery and coil life, please don't look again, the rebuilt deck is a huge PLUS!

2. Mechlyfe Ratel Pod Kit

Due to its powerful performance and beautiful appearance, the Mechlyfe Ratel Pod system ranks second in our list of best rebuildable pod systems.

Measuring 104mm*42mm*26mm, this rebuildable pod system is made of high-quality aluminum and resin, making it extremely durable and looks great. Powered by a single 18650 battery, this powerful pod system delivers a 5W to 80W power output range and supports bypass mode, VV mode, VW mode and TC mode (Ti, Ni, SS).

Mechlyfe Ratel Pod Kit

In addition, the Mechlyfe Ratel pod system is equipped with an innovative build platform that is ideal for single coil configurations with 4ml electronic liquid capacity, MTL and DTL compatibility, replaceable side panels, CNC engraved aluminum body and visible juice window.

Thank you for reading the list of the best rebuildable pod systems in 2019, I hope you enjoy it. In this article, we will only introduce you to the two top rebuildable pods on the market, as there are currently not many.

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Lost Vape Orion Plus Review: Similar Design As The Smok Trinity Alpha

Lost Vape Orion Plus from Lost Vape is the latest version of the Orion series and an upgraded version of Orion DNA Go. The battery has the same 950mAh as the DNA Go, and the mod has the same palm-size but adds Stabwood and resin panel design.

The improved Evolv DNA Go chip has a five-level power output of 10-22W, offering a wider variety of vaping preferences for superior flavor. With the new pod design, the vape coil can be replaced, which not only extends the life of the pod but also wastes less. The kit contains two coil options: a 0.25-ohm mesh coil (13-22W) and a 0.5-ohm common coil (10-18W).

The Lost Vape Orion Plus kit is compatible with older pod cartridges, so you won't encounter old-style pod cartridges that you can't use. The new pod itself is more transparent, making it easier to view the vape juice level, and now you can also view the inner coil. The capacity is a duplicate 2 mL capacity because the DNA Go is removed with the side button using the side button and slides and clicks in place, which means they can be completely interchanged with the old mod and can be purchased separately.

Orion Plus

The smart chip has a playback mode where you can program and save the perfect vape, which boosts the coil components to the optimum temperature. The Evolv chip intelligently detects the drag of the pod and eliminates some guesswork from temperature control.

Take a look at another pod that is similar in design to the Lost Vape Orion. It is Trinity Alpha of Smok.

smok trinity alpha is similar in design to Orion. Despite this, there are some notable differences, the biggest difference being the replaceable push-in coils, adapted from other popular integrated device Nords from Smok. The airflow is also unique to Trinity Alpha, which is integrated into the top of the tank and is not adjustable, considering that Orion airflow regulation occurs outside the vaporization point, which is not much loss.

trinity alpha

Continuing our comparison with Lost Vape Orion, Lost Vape is known for its high-quality equipment and they have already filled the first DNA chip into the pod mod with the flagship Orion device. At the same time, SMOK is known for its budget brand, and their TFV range of cleaners has long been an industry standard, but their hardware is not known for extreme durability or long life. Trinity Alpha looks great, great performance out of the box, and the power of the device is impressive. As the name implies, it uses up to 30W of power at the highest setting.

Overall, Trinity Alpha is as good as the Lost Vape Orion we've seen. If you like Nord and are interested in the form and design of Orion, then Lost Vape Orion Plus and Trinity Alpha may be the perfect device for you.

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What's The Update Of Joyetech Teros One and SMOK NOVO 2?

Today I will introduce you to two upgraded vape pod kits, Joyetech Teros One and SMOK NOVO 2. As an upgraded version of Joyetech Teros and SMOK NOVO, you definitely want to know what is different about them? Let us take a look at what they upgraded today?

Teros One

The Joyetech Teros One Pod kit includes a refillable cartridge and a 650mAh rechargeable battery. As an upgrade to the Joyetech Teros Pod Suite, is it worth further discussion and purchase? Let's take a look!

Apart from the glass material of the Joyetech Teros One Pod kit, the main configuration is not much different from other configurations. The built-in rechargeable battery has a capacity of 650 mAh. Due to the Type-C charging port, the battery module is fully charged in just 30 minutes. That's great.

The Joyetech Teros One is a button-activated device, so you can use this button to operate, such as adjusting the output power. The indicator light will alert you to the current battery level and battery status.

Since the device is called the Joyetech Teros One Pod System Kit, you know that the internal coils are irreplaceable. What is interesting is the fuel filler for this pod. It looks very similar to the PTF (Press Fill) refill method of the Vaporesso device. Anyway, I am happy to see this design on the pod system kit because it does provide a lot of conveniences. No black rubber stoppers, no troublesome leaks.

But which one you will choose when Joyetech Teros One and SMOK NOVO 2 are there?

Let us first look at the characteristics of SMOK NOVO 2:

As the latest version of the SMOK NOVO series, the SMOK NOVO 2 is more refined and enticing. NOVO 2 continues the NOVO feature, equipped with a curved body that can be comfortably held, and the whistle-shaped mouthpiece fits the lips perfectly for easy carrying. NOVO 2 is also optimized for many details.


In addition, powered by a larger 800mAh internal battery and improved LED indicators, the maximum power is up to 25W and supports longer atomization times. Coupled with the addition of two side air intakes and redesigned sensing elements, the Novo 2 will give you more feel than the Novo, producing more steam and a purer taste.

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Reviews About IJOY Neptune Kit VS SMOK Nord

The IJOY Neptune kit fully demonstrates that performance and luxury can go hand in hand. NEPTUNE is very active, slender and can be carried around. Equipped with a powerful 650mAh battery, it can be charged safely and quickly, while maintaining a longer power, the maximum output power is 12W, and strive to provide you with the best vape. With 3 switchable voltages (3.5V, 3.6V, 3.7V), it can meet your different vaping needs.

The NEPTUNE pod is equipped with 1.8ml e-juice capacity and leak-proof design. The included 1.2Ω coil is compatible with conventional e-juice and is optimized for optimum performance from nic salt e-juice.

IJOY Neptune review

*Special: In every aspect of its design, the level of refinement of Neptune is second to none. From its harmonious shape to the luxurious double-sided curved glass panel to the smallest detail.
*Durable: Install a powerful 650mAh battery that can be charged safely and quickly while maintaining maximum power through the maximum 12W output for optimum performance.
*Low power protection: When the battery voltage is lower than 3.4v, the power output stops and the red LED flashes 5 times.
*Short circuit protection: When the atomizer is shorted, the output stops and the red LED flashes 8 times.

Then let's look at the SMOK Nord

The SMOK Nord Kit is an ultra-portable pod system with a 1100mAh high-capacity battery that keeps you out of breath. With its 3ml liquid capacity, you don't need to recharge it often, and its LED battery life indicator lets you know when it can be quickly charged via the Micro USB charging system.

Nord Kit

Clean, simple and stylish equipment, perfect for seniors and beginners. It is easy to use with a single button launch mechanism and is easy to refill with a 3ml pod making it one of the most popular pod systems for use with today's popular nicotine salt products.

In the end, hope you will like this article and find the cheap IJOY Neptune Kit and SMOK Nord at Vapesourcing online vape shop.